A Little Camera Shopping

I love my Canon 5D Mark III so much that I wish I had it with me everywhere I went. Unfortunately, I don’t. It’s simply way too much to carry around everywhere. So I’ve been in the market for a smaller camera for about 2 months. Two weeks ago I took a trip to Costco and bought a sexy little Nikon 1 J1. Ohhhhhhhh so cute with it’s little red body and little red lenses. I loved this little thing! The day after I bought it, it was time to test it. I took it up to Silver Lake near Brighton Ski Resort. Walked around the little path, taking random photos here and there. It was fun to use. It was great having a light camera for a change. While the aperture control was lacking, I was still able to blur some backgrounds using a long focal length and some distance. I really liked it… Liked it, until I got the pictures home and into Lightroom, that is. Quite frankly, they were horrible. There was absolutely no sharpness to anything. I thought I might be spoiled by my DSLR, and I am, so I played with them and played with them. I’d post some samples here, but I didn’t get a single image worth saving. So, back to Costco I went the next day to return it.

Then I decided to bite the bullet and get the camera I’ve been hearing so much about for months: The Olympus E-P3. It’s a little more expensive, and not quite as small, but wow! This thing is amazing, and it fits fine in the messenger bag (man purse) I take to work and back every day. Not Mark III amazing, but it really is a fantastic little camera. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a camera in that price range. I’ll post some photos from it in a few days. I gotta get out and really put it through the tests. Plus, I’m waiting for the portrait lens. It will arrive sometimes this week.

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