Look Who’s Switching to Mirrorless

I’m not about to call the widespread acceptance of mirrorless cameras a revolution. After all, there there are many reasons to hold onto your DSLR gear, but the number of high profile professional photographers that have either switched or added smaller, more portable, less expensive mirrorless cameras to their arsenal is growing by the day.

Below you’ll find links to some stories where these great photographers talk about their mirrorless gear. It’s by no means an exhaustive list, and I tried to find stories that represented multiple camera manufacturers. Enjoy.

So what does all this mean? Does this mean you should sell off your DSLR gear and buy a small mirrorless camera? Absolutely not! All I’m saying is that there is enough evidence out there to tell you not to judge these little books by their under-sized covers. Despite being small, they are definitely worth considering.

See Your Photos On a Map

Every picture you take with your smart phone is automatically tagged with information about where the picture was taken. Wouldn’t it be great if your camera did that too?

The photo above is a map from Lightroom that shows where all my photos were taken, yet very few of them were taken with a smart phone. None of them were taken with a camera that automatically tags them. The vast majority were taken with a DSLR, then paired up with geographic data from my smart phone using an app.

How they work:

  1. Make sure your camera and smart phone are set to the exact same date and time.
    Start the app.
  2. Walk around and take pictures while your phone is in your pocket, recording where you wander.
  3. Merge the data later.
  4. There are dozens of apps that will allow you to do this fairly easily. I’ve experimented with a handful of them, and they’ve all done a great job. They all vary a bit. They all have different in-app options available, and most handle the merging in several different ways. The app I’ve chosen isn’t necessarily the best, by any means. It’s just the one that clicked for me. The app is called Geotagr.
    Once I’m done recording and back at my computer, I put my photos in a shared folder on my computer, then use the app to connect to that folder and tag them. Once that’s done I import them into Lightroom and my photos will show up on the Map feature in Lightroom, as well as on the Places selections on my iPhone and iPad.