My Favorites from Maui

The benefit of following my Web site is that you’ll get to see my photos long before they hit Instagram or Facebook. If you follow me on Instagram (@scottspain), you’ll see more, as I only post my absolute favorites here on my Web site.

So here are some shots from my recent trip to Maui that won’t hit the social networks for weeks. This trip was all about the beach, the sun, the rocks and long exposures.

RAW vs JPG: Lesson Learned the Hard Way

Sometimes we learn our lessons the hard way. I consider this post to be about the best picture I never got. Oh, I got the shot alright, but I shot it in JPG instead of RAW, and it just didn’t capture the colors the way a RAW would have. Even after merging multiple exposures and saving out to a TIF. A few months ago I decided to ditch Lightroom and Photoshop to give MyLio and another image editor a try. Since MyLio doesn’t support my Fuji RAW files yet, I decided to give JPG a shot.

This was the dream shot. I love long exposures in the magic hour. I had got up at an ungodly hour to be on Koki beach in time for sunrise. Once I took the capture, I knew it was the shot of a lifetime. Then came post, and I ended up with some ugly banding in the sky. Below you’ll see the original on the left. Look at the rock and you’ll see it. After hours of trying to fix this I realized there was nothing I could do with my semi-rudimentary Photoshop skills, so I ended up replacing the sky with a sunset I captured in Santorini.